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The Green Bar. The whirring of gears and pistons, the whimsy of fantasy, and the grit of the street kid made good, all combine into the art of Dale Mathis. A giant of a man with the heart of a poet, the mind of a master watchmaker, and the imagination of a great surrealist. The fantasy designs of H. Wells and Jules Verne coupled with an artist that any generation would be proud to call its own.

My father was a carpenter and so was his father. Dad was a gear guy. I guess I kind of picked up on that as a kid and I just evolved. I was always an artist and I just incorporated everything that dad did in the work and the craft that I do. But I do remember a specific reason why I like Clockwork Art. It goes back to when I was a bachelor. I was married in before getting divorced, and I went back to living on my own again, and I got my first apartment by myself.

The Green Bar by Dale Mathis

So I built this big giant wall clock to match the furniture. Then it just kind of evolved into more elaborate art pieces. I thought it was actual stainless steel rather than silver leaf and gold leaf inlay.

Dale Mathis- Astrological Clock

But the product still looks sweet. How would you as an artist tell kids how to make good art from scratch? What ideas can they put together?

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The thing with the gears was me wanting to make a clock with the working parts showing. This goes back to when I was a kid and addicted to model kits like cars and airplanes and all that geeky stuff. I tried to handcraft each part then put them together like a model kit.

Do you intend to offer a more expansive product offering? When I say me and Russ, Russell is my marketing manager in the Philippines and my partner with Chris. Russ, Chris and I have been talking about expanding the business into other directions. One of the biggest problems with Dale Mathis Art are ticket prices on the art pieces.

This kind of cuts out the regular guy that likes the artwork. The majority of fans of my work are regular people. So we have been discussing ways of getting fans what they want. Everyone wants a Lamborghini but not everyone can afford a Lamborghini. Custom made handcrafted everything seems to be what everyone is now doing for business—websites for handcrafted work are going big—Lumberjocks, and Scoutmob. What is your take on this revolution of handcrafted merchandise?


For a while, design followed what Steve Jobs put out in the Apple iPod and products took everything into minimalism and clean designs. I think that has a lot to do with the gaming industry and the geek world. Even though steampunk has been around since the 70s and looks like it is coming into its own right now. Not a lot of people know about steampunk but when they see the artwork they enjoy it.

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Good design never goes out of style. Is craftwork really how everything will be made in the future? Personalized masterpieces?

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No matter what the price whether for something as crude as a wooden bowl or ceramic dinner plate, to skill-intensive craftwork like your mechanical art? Will craftsmanship offer hope to artists for striking gold? Up until recently we have done limited edition pieces. One of or 1 of like that. But what an artist would make of the same thing as high end limited edition products—it makes the value of your company and you as an artist at a higher level a little bit faster than if you sold it on a Walmart in the U.

How was dealing with a Filipino business partner to help you manage local production of craft intensive art pieces? He knows the manufacturing business and he has experience in running one because he ran a lighting company in the U. On a personal level, when I first came here it was difficult getting used to living away from America, since I was used to a certain lifestyle.

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When I went here I was broke. I had to adjust first and over the years I have adapted to my environment. The people are beautiful. Compared to another Asian partner. My business partner asked me if I wanted to go to Asia to do business.