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There are far more opportunities in these positions than there are sitting first chair in the orchestra pit. The audio and video components are all computer driven at some level or another. Sometimes even the performance itself. We can help you teach the technology behind the performing arts. How does one go about making the best use of the new lab space? There are lots of solutions available to maximise space.

Micro and compact MIDI controllers, all-in-one computers, small form-factor computers such as the Mac mini and workstation desks with smaller footprints all help. Is it better to have individual, self-contained stations or should students be able to interact with each other? Individual workstations are generally the standard way of configuring musc labs these days. The hands-on experience is key to getting the best out of the lab. When faced with a limited budget, we can help you create an environment where multiple students can take advantage of a single workstation.

Technology is constantly moving forward and typically at quite a rapid pace. Our advisors can help you create a plan that should be able to cater for the next few years. The biggest mistake made is the practice of buying the cheapest computer available.

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This works fine in most academic applications, but not so well for the processor-intensive programs music and video require. The best way to future proof is to get the fastest computer available, within reason. We offer a range of computing solutions, all of which are tailored to the being able to deal with audio and video applications without hindering creativity. Your advisor will ask you the right questions to help you determine which one is best for your needs.

This is why buying the right computer up front is so important. Can these be used in the music lab environment? The biggest benefit, of course, is replacing printed materials and the cost associated with keeping up with the latest revisions. The music industry has embraced the tablet, and there have been many products developed that allow you to incorporate the iPad into the performing arts department — from MIDI sequencing and audio recording to sheet music to remote control access to digital mixers that allow sound engineers to be able to walk the room while making adjustments to your mix in real time.

Groovestation is part of the new and improved Midicontrol series!

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The semi-weighted keys keyboard is velocity-sensitive and tis much easier to play than the Midistart keyboard. It features 8 velocity curves, real hardware controllers, such as 8 high-quality 40 mm faders, 8 freely programmable V-pots, 4 new dynamic trigger pads for playing drums and transport controls for your DAW. The sleek black design of the i will look great on stage or in the studio and has a blue LED display for checking various parameters.

A simple connection via USB will provide power making the i extremely portable and easy to use.

DJ Controllers: Juno Plus Ultimate Buyer's Guide

This master keyboard has one of the best keyboards among ist price category. It has 49 key and comes in a sleek black design plus Samplitude Silver 11 software. The i2-Control 37 black edition is the big brother of the i2-Control 25 black. USB cable and Samplitude Silver The i2-Control 61 Pro is the new version of the i2-Control 61 master keyboard.

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The high-quality, keys keyboard is velocity-sensitive and can be adjusted with 8 velocity curves. It comes with real hardware controllers, such as 8 high-quality 40 mm faders, 8 freely programmable V-pots, 4 new dynamic trigger pads for playing drums and transport controls for your DAW. The brand new USB controller keyboards of the V-series by Alesis offer a maximum of features combined with compact dimensions. The velocity sensitive keyboard combined with 8 illuminated pads and 4 freely assignable controls are the core features of the V-series.

All models of the VI-series impress with a nice keyboard with aftertouch and 16 backlit pads in different colors. Furthermore, there are various, freely assignable buttons and knobs which simplify working with a DAW and Plug-Ins. The backlit pads offer visual control which can enhance performance. The keyboards of the VI-series are great for both live and studio applications. Power is supplied via USB or supply unit. The VI-controller can therefore be used as stand-alone units as well. M-Audio has not only overhauled the Oxygen series, all the Keystations have also been worked on for the year The Keystations are some of the most popular masterkeyboards without additional controller, thanks to the compact design and great keyboard.

The Keystation has been equipped with a transport control for fast starting, stopping and playback of recordings. With the Oxygen keyboard controllers, M-Audio offers a top selling device which now enters the 4th round.

The most notable additions aside from the new design are the 8 velocity sensitive trigger pads. They can be used to start clips or play drums and percussion. It is a symbiosis of comprehensive controller keyboard and a high end sound generation that has been exciting the synthesizer fanbase for years. Lightly weighted, velocity sensitive keyboard, 8 pads, 8 faders, 8 buttons, transport control and the touch pad including display known from the Kaossilator are just some of the impressive features.

To add to that list, the sound generation has been taken from the legendary Triton. An arpeggiator with 5 patterns and 50 rhythm patterns complete the Triton taktile. The result is impressive: you are provided with everything you need for efficient and intuitive working. Also great for working with all other DAWs.

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The front panel is angled for comfortable access to all control elements and the perfect view to the high resolution display in the middle. A motorized fader, solo and mute buttons, transport buttons, 11 function buttons, 16 knobs, 9 faders and 9 LEDs are comprehensive features for realtime control. Semi-weighted keys with aftertouch, pitch and modulations wheel, MIDI out and sustain and expression pedal inputs.

Why the Pioneer DDJ-SR & Virtual DJ?

Perfect Reason and Cubase integration, completely transparent with access to all areas. The Impact LX series offers comprehensive controller functions at a low price. The direct access to the functions of the DAW and the fast switching between mixer, instrument and preset mode are the trademarks of the Impact LX. All important DAWs are supported via pre-configured templates.

The most impressive of them are the templates for Cubase and Reason. Furthermore, there are a number of templates for various Plug-Ins. Pitch bend and modulation wheels enhance the performance and an optional sustain pedal can be connected as well. Native Instruments have developed a brandnew range of controller keyboards that tightly integrate with their software named Komplete Kontrol S.

The range coincides with the release of the 10th edition of their flagship virtual instrument Komplete The new Komplete Kontrol S keyboard controllers pair with a software layer called Komplete Kontrol that is geared towards sound discovery based on tags. Native Map technology is used to intelligently map patch parameters to each of the eight knobs on the keyboard. The knobs are also capacitive, so parameter values are shown when you touch them. Two ultra-sensitive Touch Kontrols add another dimension to software instrument control by mimicking the behavior of standard pitch and mod wheels.

The Komplete Control S series also features transport controls. The Komplete Kontrol S will be available in three different sizes: 25, 49 and 61 keys. A hybrid workstation that will attract attention! As the name already suggests, the successor of the Vortex is a wireless version.

Complete freedom of movement on the stage! The ribbon controller and the pitch bend wheel enable a lively performance. Another interesting feature is the motion sensor which converts movements into controller data. Velocity sensitive pads complete the features of the Vortex Wireless. With their load of keys, knobs, sliders and pads, they give you the fullest control over the analog synth presets available in the software.

Choose between the rugged and lightweight KeyLab 25 keyboard, a must for travel, or the KeyLab 49 and KeyLab 61 who will give you more control over your sound. As professional hybrid synthesizers, the KeyLab controllers offer the immediacy of a hardware synthesizer combined with the flexibility of a software based solution. Made for the musician on the go or the performer with limited space, the MiniLab gives you a great depth of features in a portable package that is sturdy and looks great.

KeyLab 88 also acts as a highly-capable controller compatible with any third-party software or hardware and features a high quality aluminum construction and elegant wooden side panels. The Keyfadr is made up of 25 velocity-sensitive keys, 8 faders, 16 rotary knobs and 8 endless encoders with push function, making this USB MIDI controller an indispensable creative tool. The internal arpeggiator can build vivid sequences with flexible quantization possibilities.

It also includes Chord feature and Scale mode. Equipped with the same features as the Keyfadr and extremely compact dimensions, Keypad additionally comes with 16 backlit, velocity sensitive pads. More MIDI mappings are available as a download. The uncompromising focus on the essentials will be appreciated by purists and enthusiasts. More than 77 GB of sample material guarantee detailed piano sounds.

Bundle incl. Features: RM3 Grand II: 88 wooden keys with IvoryTouch coating, mechanics with 3-fold sensor system and pressure point simulation, 5 configurations can be stored in the instrument presets: 1. Normal, 2. Ivory II, 3. Pianoteq, 4. Galaxy Vintage D, 5.