Horoscope for the rabbit year

They can also protect their interests better by joining unions or suited associations.

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The emotional level also looks good. Those whose relationships have been deteriorating during the last years can now find common ground and understanding with their partners. Socially, they are liked for their humane qualities and appreciated for their principles. They rarely do something alone or out of their own initiative. Also, health-wise things are going great, however, there is a risk of some accidents, so your attention should be increased in this regards. Lucky colors in for the Rabbit natives: blue turquoise, red carmine elements — Water and Fire , but also green.

What to wear : Green, blue or purple outfits are recommended for the Rabbit natives to wear in the evening between the years.

Rabbit Horoscope - Rabbit Predictions - Rabbit Luck in

Accessorize your clothes with massive bracelets, and luck will not be missing from your life. The Fire Rabbit can continue both their professional and personal lives at high levels.

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If they want to and if they have projects, they manage to gather around them a group of people together with whom they could obtain remarkable professional results. Some problems or the desire to change or improve their living condition may appear.

Those that are retired think about and even manage to move to the country side or to a place they are fond of. They get involved into an intense activity next to younger members of their families. Those that are alone decide to actually get together with someone they have recently met. They are attracted by the idea of being more actively involved in the events organized by their communities. Those with a more active nature even receive invitations and opportunities to continue their professional activity. The Earth Rabbits have good chances regarding their social lives and this also means receiving or getting some administration positions.

Rabbit 2019 Astrology Forecast

They are popular and they manage to get support from people of various social statuses or orientations. They are making long term plans because they feel they have maximum strength and they also have a vast experience. The part which could be more sensitive is represented by the spending they would have to do in order to fulfil their dreams. However, it cannot be said that they are going to be promoted by default; they must express their desire of occupying those free positions. It is a changing atmosphere for everyone: couples settle for the long term and in a practical way, by buying a property or by carrying out renovation work, those who are single are honestly reviewing their assets and everyone prepares, in their own way, for a new emotional cycle, full of promise.

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Do not get trapped by too much impulsiveness, at the risk of being egocentric! Group of friends for the Rabbit This year, you are doing some cleaning up in your social relationships, it's a great time to get rid of toxic people and strengthen your bonds with those who understand and support you. Some of your relationships will require legal or administrative solutions but nothing scares you because you want to maintain, from now on, authentic relationships with your loved ones, in trust and honesty. To know: The atmosphere lends itself admirably to the sharing of collective interests, you have the opportunity to participate in joint projects and teamwork that will fulfill many of your ideals.

Rabbit: your Spiritual life You have an excellent intuition to evolve in the direction of your interests in the long term. You have the facilities to be introspective and make an honest assessment of your situation. Do not resist the urge to discover other cultures, other habits, and new methods: you could make real discoveries that will save you time and energy in your race for harmony, balance, and happiness Our advice : You will evolve better and faster by associating with others than by meditating alone in your corner.

Whether it's your loves, your friends, or your colleagues, you have a lot of interesting things to learn from others. Well-being for the Rabbit This year the atmosphere encourages you to give the best of yourself and you feel able to achieve most of your goals. You have to develop your patience and keep your critical sense in order to use this beautiful energy without wasting it and without scattering yourself between too many interests at the same time. You might otherwise exhaust yourself and get a disappointing result.

Focus on your priorities!

Lucky Signs for People Born in Rabbit Year:

Tip-Off : Do not fall asleep on your laurels: to stay in shape all year long, you will need to monitor your diet, avoid excess and limit yourself to a minimum of physical exercise. Rabbit: your Family life Your quality of life at home depends a lot on your behavior. If the climate lends itself to examinations in good conscience, it also favors the classification of old problems. Stop feeling guilty and turn toward the future.

Year of the Rabbit: 2020 Horoscope (Zodiac Rabbit Fortune & Personality)

You can take stock while forgiving your past mistakes. At times you will be a little too eager to change things at home. Give time for time and the opportunity for your loved ones to implement the changes you advocate. To meditate : You should, from time to time, bring your loved ones together to talk about your common future.

This remains the best way to make balanced decisions.