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Venus in Libra encourages short trips, buoyancy and fun. Some may accuse you of being frivolous! With Mars in Capricorn, be watchful of your money. You may spend more than you intend to due to your larger than life tastes. The best astrologers in India can give your journey a direction, consult them on Astroyogi!

Leo weekly horoscope - 7 Oct , Monday - 13 Oct , Sunday. Leo daily horoscope - 9 October Read More. With Mars in Virgo, be watchful of your money. You may spend more than you intend to due to your larger than life tastes. This month may not be a great month for you as far as love is concerned.

Your month runs hot and cold: sometimes delightful, sometimes suspicious or jealous.

You are likely to be a bit confused about how you feel about someone you like. Wait for a better time to express your feelings. Be patient and you will soon find the one meant for you. This month you finally feel ready to open up to your partner.


You reveal some of your fears and doubts about the relationship and feel much closer to him or her. Your partner will be wonderful listener and will help you feel at ease. Expect a wonderful surprise towards the monthend. Your love life will be better than ever before this month. You will feel that romance, which had been dull of late in your life, will be revived this month. You will find yourself in a good mood and will be busy making plans to go on a vacation soon. Also, you will try some new ways to make your love life more exciting.

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Singles will have a great time making friends and will have fun and not think about getting into a serious relationship. Some of you find new opportunities; even if they are not exactly in your line of interest, do give it a serious thought and due consideration. You take quick and right decisions at work and your seniors at work will notice the good work that you have been doing. Generally, you will fare well in your respective field at work. People engaged in marketing sector would easily keep pace with fast changing events.

You have an edge over others in their respective fields.

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Some of you are likely to join a company where you would find a good work culture. The competition in this new place is likely to be tough too. This place will encourage you to make use of your creativity and innovation as it follows a result-oriented approach. In short, do not discredit any new opportunity that comes your way. Also, inter-department change may seem a possibility; take it up by all means.

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  7. You need to come out of the present stress that is griping your mind and plan out things in a more systematic order to reap long-term rewards. Your relationship with your colleagues will be good as you will be much more friendly. You will not feel any confusion regarding your investments in the share market as the month starts. There are chances that you will make some good financial gains by doing some market research before investing your money. This is a good time to make investments that bring you long term benefits. However be very careful and avoid investing in schemes that seem too good to be true.

    Before making any financial commitment, study in depth the financial schemes in which you want to make your investments. Transaction of a property or a vehicle seems likely to during this period.

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    Also, at this particular time, investment could cost you more than what your calculation. Gains, if any, will be slow and not up to the expectations. This is the right time for you to actually consider taking help from an experienced friend and try learning a few tricks of the trade yourself. Investing in a commercial property is not a bad idea at all this time around.

    It is a good opportunity for you to do some realistic planning and spend money according to your budget. Try to steer clear of stock market investments at least for the time being. You will enjoy great mental peace this month.

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    Astrologically speaking, the past few years have been bonkers. Throughout and , massive eclipses, retrogrades, and planetary shifts scorched the cosmos, causing political, social, and cultural upheaval here on Earth. Alas, is going to be yet another intense orbit, featuring extremely rare astral occurrences, a brutal retrograde season all planets will reverse in , and five heavy-duty eclipses. As the planets shift into Earth sign constellations, will offer a grounded, pragmatic energy.

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    By the end of , the path to our goals will be clearly illuminated. The final months of set the stage for the year ahead with Jupiter — the planet of expansion — moving into Scorpio on October 7. Saturn, the taskmaster of the zodiac, will enter Capricorn on December January 1 kicks off with a full moon in Cancer, activating the astral axis associated with home and work. This tension will continue to swell throughout the year, finally breaking on July 12 during a solar eclipse in Cancer.

    This solar eclipse will trigger a beginning, activating the next series of eclipses that will occur over the following two years. Last summer, we discovered what we needed to release from our lives. These next four eclipses will help us to actualize this release. When the final eclipse of this series occurs on January 21, , we will have officially completed the chapter. For readers who still use a paper calendar, grab a giant marker and circle January 15, April 14, and September On these dates, generous Jupiter connects with transformative Pluto, forming an extremely magical and very rare alignment.

    Eclipses often bring abrupt and shocking transformation, but the Jupiter and Pluto bond — in astrospeak, this bond is called a sextile — encourages positive growth. On May 15, Uranus moves into Taurus, beginning its eight-year tour across the Earth sign constellation. Since March , Uranus — the planet associated with uprisings, revolutions, and shocking events — has been cruising through Aries, the fiery constellation associated with impulsive actions. When Uranus glides into Taurus, the rebellious planet becomes increasingly focused on tangible transformation. On November 8, however, Jupiter says au revoir to Scorpio and prances into the Sagittarius constellation.